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PARA - the Paranormal Association of Research & Assistance (with branches in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Areas)

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We would like to thank all of what is binary options trading the other paranormal research groups along with the various suppliers of equipment that helped to make the May 16 & 17 events at fort Mifflin a great success. With everyone's help we were able to raise over $6000.00 dollars for the fort - Thanks again to all for your efforts and participation.

We are currently in our planning stages for the next Fort Mifflin event. Please check back regularly to see what is happening and new for that event which best app for option trading in india will be in association with PARA-X radio.

If you attended the fort Mifflin event on May 16 or 17 and have evidence you would like help reviewing or if you would like to send us your EVP's and photos to be used at the next event please click here to email them to us.

We are proud to announce that we are now part of a fantastic roster of folks dedicated to spreading knowledge about this field. Para Rock Productions has taken us on. Thank you to the team at Para Rock Productions, we look forward to working with you!



Welcome to Paranormal Association of Research and Assistance. We are interested in helping anyone who may be experiencing paranormal phenomena. We are local to the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Wilmington DE, areas. We also have a branch in the Lehigh Valley PA area. We would consider going out further depending what is binary options on the circumstances. We are in contact with groups throughout the country and we can help you find someone near you for help as well.

We utilize some of the latest scientific methods and tools available for our research. We also have psychic investigators with whom we try to use the scientific approach to help substantiate their findings. There are groups that say they will conduct a scientific investigation. To actually do a scientific investigation we would need to replicate what occurs in the field under controlled conditions. The problem with that is we have no control over the spirits we are investigating. A scientific approach is where the conditions are controlled as much as possible and only authenticated evidence is presented.

PARA was formed with experienced investigators that have studied and trained under other experienced investigators. All PARA investigators are trained in and study all aspects of the paranormal.

We at PARA have 2 main items of interest and they are to study the paranormal and to help the general public while doing so. With emphasis on our main purpose: to help people.

Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

PARA is a non-profit organization and all of our services are free of charge
If you are interested in contacting us for an investigation please call :
610-334-5505 Or email us at All investigations are discreet and will be kept confidential.


Thank You
We here at PARA would also like to say thank you to all of our friends in the paranormal community. It is truly amazing what can happen when groups put down their guards and work with each other to learn new and different techniques. This benefits the groups and more so the clients we all take on.