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Electronic Voice Phenomena:

What is EVP?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena is simply unexpected sounds or voices sometimes found on any kind of receiving/recording medium, magnetic tape, digital sound recorders, radio receivers, even computers and telephones and are not explained by currently known physical principles. They appear to be ubiquitous in that experimenters around the world are able to collect them with just about anything that will record human voice frequencies and under just about any recording circumstance.

How Does an EVP occur?

There is an aspect of reality that is not yet defined by physical science. This is termed "nonphysical reality." It is within this reality that the scientific paranormal researchers believe that spirits exist and they are trying to communicate with them.

Who are these spirits or entities we are communicating with?

They are those that have once lived as we do and then transitioned out of body at the time of their death. They are also those that have not yet experienced a physical reality as we know it. And then there are those focused solely on the operation of humanity rather than experiencing it. These are commonly referred to as angels and demons.

There is an energy difference between physical and nonphysical reality. Nonphysical objects, including things such as emotions and ideas, must somehow energetically agree with the level of reality that they are to occupy.

EVP researchers know they are communicating with some form of intelligence. They also understand that there will be an energy exchange occurring during their recording sessions. Different researchers report contact with different types of entities. The researchers use technology, yet there is also considerable evidence that the researcher themselves are an important part of the circuit or exchange of energy.

What does all this mean, basically if an entity wants to communicate, they must find a way to bring their thoughts and words into physical substance. That channel of communication is provided by the researcher and their electronic equipment. Exactly how this is accomplished is not clear; however, medium ship and the ability to record have been shown to be learned abilities. The attitude and desire of the researcher is a critical component to allow this exchange of energy to be successful.

How are EVP messages formed?

There is considerable speculation about this question and much of the past and present research is designed to provide a definite answer. The short answer that appears to be emerging from the research is that there is mind-to-mind communication between the communicating entity and the experimenter. The experimenter functions as a medium for this exchange in much the same way that spirit mediums bring messages to the physical. The message, itself, is then thought to be telekinetically impressed into the recording media. Even though the evidence seems to support this view, it is apparent that the experimenter is normally unaware of his or her part in this transfer of information.

Another question is how come the German's record in German, The Italian's in Italian, etc. This is due to the fact that the experimenter is the means through which this communication is happening and therefore it is typically in their native tongue.

What is the range a human voice is incapable of making a sound in? A human voice is incapable of making a sound below 300 hertz. We strive to present EVP's which are at 300 hertz or less therefore eliminating the possibility of a fraudulent piece of evidence.

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