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Ghost Hunting:

To be a paranormal investigator you must have an open mind and be able to look at all possible sides before jumping to the conclusion that a location is haunted. You should have a very detailed method on how you conduct and review your investigations and what control methods you have in place to insure that fraud is not taking place either on your team or at the location.

To become an investigator look inward first and ask yourself. Why do I want to be a paranormal investigator? What do I want to learn from it? Am I doing this just to see a ghost or do I want to learn what's really happening and do I want to help people that need help with the paranormal? We all want to learn more about ghost but we have an opportunity to help people as we get chances to do more study.

The first thing you should do is read everything you can. The internet is loaded with a wealth of information that can enlighten you on all aspects of ghost hunting. Asking a ghost group in your area for advice on what to read or how do they conduct a paranormal investigation, would they show you or let you sit in on a meeting or an investigation. Most groups would not likely allow the latter due to possible evidence contamination. Ask if you can join their group and let them know that you are interested in learning the how to properly do an investigation. When you are with the group, watch them while they are conducting the investigation. Look to see how the team members interact with each other and with the client. Watch to see if the group is organized or not. A group that is all over the place may not be the one you want to be with. A group that respects each other and the location their in says a lot.

No one truly knows what a ghost is, and until we find that irrefutable piece of evidence that no one can argue against we may never know. What we do as investigators is look for that piece of evidence while we help people along they way. Many people think they are experts in this field but we are all always learning and developing as we move forward.

What will you come across once you have decided to stay and try to learn and help people? Well lets start by saying like attracts like. If you go out and you're in a bad frame of mind, you will attract someone or something that has the same mind frame. So always go out with a positive attitude, if you don't have a good attitude than don't go out. I don't think we can make that any simpler.

Why do we say this? Because as we all have been taught that there is good and bad out there, and they weren't kidding. As a new paranormal investigator, never try to take on a "bad" entity. You will need to contact someone that has more experience and knowledge dealing with this type of spirit. You would not be doing anyone any favors by trying to resolve that situation alone.

Generally there are 3 types of hauntings that we deal with, intelligent, residual and ones that are referred to as demonic. An intelligent haunting is one where the spirit will interact with you. The residual haunting is one where the even has been recorded into the surrounding area. When the time is right this event will play back similar to a DVD. No matter how hard you try this recorded event will not interact with you. The last would be nothing but trouble for you, as I have said if you come into contact with this type of spirit get help for someone who has the knowledge to handle it.

Now you know that you want to help people and to learn. You also know what you may possibly come across and you still decide to go out there and try this. Well my first suggestion would be to become a member of an established organization. They will teach all you need to know on how to conduct a proper investigation. Well what if you have no organizations near you and you want to try this anyway. Then be as smart as you can. Do not go anywhere without permission, alone or without a way to communicate with other team members. Carry your cell phone, what if someone is hurt, you need that.

Now what are you going to bring with you. You see all of this great equipment all over paranormal investigators websites, but what do you bring. Start out small. All you really need is a book to take notes, an open mind and a camera. If you decide to continue other equipment will eventually follow. Just remember the basics when using a camera. If you have long hair, tie it back. Remove your camera strap if you can. Watch your breath on colder investigations. Don't smoke. If you are in a dusty location don't bother wasting the time with the camera. Look out for reflective surfaces and clean your lens.

We could go on with pages and pages of information on what to look for and a how to guide. But whatever you decide to do, be careful and respectful. You will be representing a large community of investigators.