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PARA (Paranormal Association of Research and Assistance) has worked very hard to build a team of professional investigators who are in this field for one reason, to help people. While you navigate through our site you will see resources that we have provided and interesting reading throughout, what you do not see is the members side of this site which is filled with hundreds of articles that are required reading for our investigators, equipment information and much more.

Our Members are each given a handbook of policies and procedures, outlining the way that PARA handles cases, equipment and methods. Each member is to fully know and understand our policies before they become a PARA certified investigators. To do so they must complete required reading and understand each piece of equipment that we use on our investigations, from what the equipment is, to what it measures, ranges, and theories behind why we use the equipment. Each investigator is given a final exam and will not be promoted from Investigator-in-training status until they have passed a written exam, have the required field time and knows the handbook in and out.

Each investigator is responsible for compiling their own reports. All of our reports are done utilizing an online reporting Database called ParaDB. ParaDB is a web-based PHP/MySQL application designed for use by ghost hunting and paranormal research organizations. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigation reporting. As the name implies, all data is stored in a back-end database, allowing one to easily access, search for, and correlate data.

Our clients are given each individual report from each investigator, along with a formal report which quantifies all the individual reports. They also receive a copy of each piece of evidence collected if any. Our clients are our number one priority, and the best way to help our clients is to make sure our entire team is on the same page. PARA is fully committed to providing the community with a professional and accurate representation of the Paranormal Investigative Community, in our eyes there is no other way to do it.

Each year PARA gives back to our community by choosing a charity to donate to, This year we have chosen the Historic Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, to date we have raised over $6000 dollars for the Fort with the help of our other friends in the Paranormal Community, and still have other fundraisers in the works. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are, if you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Bio's on all of our members will be available soon, thank you for your interest.

Robyn - EMAIL ROBYN Director, Founder - Robyn has been involved in the paranormal field for over 10 years, starting with urban exploration and Ghost Hunting to the paranormal investigator she is today. She is the creator of My Ghost Network, a social networking website dedicated to all things paranormal. Robyn focuses on the more technical aspect of investigating and loves creating and experimenting with new technology. Robyn also enjoys other aspects of the paranormal such as Cryptozoology and Ufology, she is also a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and is currently filming a series of documentaries pertaining to the paranormal.

Michael - Tech specialist, Co-Director - Michael comes from a scientific background and has spent most of his interest in the Paranormal attempting to debunk photographs and video. While investigating, Michael enjoys creating experiments and using equipment in new ways in order to get different results. Michael is also currently working on filming a series of documentaries pertaining to the paranormal.

Rachael - EMAIL RACHAEL - Board of Directors, Founder PARA Lehigh Valley - Rachael has been interested in the paranormal since she was a child. She not only searches for answers to the unknown but also concentrates on how it directly affects the clients. With her certification in child care she has a special interest in assisting children directly affected by the paranormal. Rachael hails from another local paranormal group as their Client Relations Specialist, where she worked doing case management, and follow up with the clients. Rachael’s warm demeanor makes her especially good with the children in our cases as they feel very comfortable talking to her. Rachael’s keen attention to detail and follow up make her an excellent addition to PARA.

Jenn - Board of Directors, Investigator - Jenn is a lawyer in the Philadelphia area and has been interested in the paranormal for over 15 years. She has a degree in chemistry and enjoys using all kinds of technology while investigating.

Karen K - Investigator - Case Manager - Karen is new to the filed of investigationg, however she has always had a passion for the paranormal. Although, She does believe that paranormal activity does exist, she is a skeptic when it comes to classifying a location as haunted. She believes a large amount of what is reported can be proven to be natural. She believes it is important to bring this into the light in order for this field to maintain credibility and appreciate true paranormal evidence. Although, her primary interest is in the scientific sector, she is open to learning the different approaches to paranormal investigating and is willing to trying anything once.

James - Investigator

Nate - Psychic/Investigator

Roger - Investigator- Growing up in Switzerland Roger denied the existence of ghosts, realizing he was denying it because of a strong fear of the unknown he decided to face his fears head on and 2 years ago when Roger moved to the States he got hooked into paranormal research. Roger is a very technical minded person, and loves to experiment with IR and Full Spectrum Photography equipment. Roger is Multi-lingual in German, English and some French and is currently working as a Development Scale-Up Supervisor at a Chemical Plant. This analytical background help’s Roger remain level headed and logical on Paranormal Investigations.

Julia- Investigator- training

Alli- Investigator- training

Anne- Investigator- training

Nance- Investigator- training

Karrie- Investigator- training

Erin- Investigator- training